digital vision board

A vision board is a board that displays the images of your heart desires. It is the pictorial representation of your goals and dreams.

The traditional vision board can be quite stressful and expensive to create as it involves using a lot of materials (board, magazines, glue, etc) and could also limit you as you may not find all the pictures you need.

A digital vision board on the other hand is limitless as you can easily get almost any kind of picture you require for your vision board online.

Moreover, having a digital vision board means you can save it on your PC, iPad, Tab or Phone and literally carry it everywhere you go!

Canva is an awesome tool you could use to create your vision board, all you need to do is import the pictures and design your vision board the exact way you want it to be.

Extra Tip: After designing your vision board, you can download it from Canva and print it out if you also want to have a hardcopy to display on your wall.

If you would like to have a video training on how to create a digital vision board with Canva, pls send us a request via the comment section.

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