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Welcome to the Tech Quarter!
I’m Lucy, an award-winning tech professional with vast experience working with both multinational organizations and startup companies across multiple sectors. I am also a business founder who has launched and managed several successful brands.
The Tech Quarter is a capacity-building platform that has been created to empower professionals to launch their tech careers and excel in the industry. Stay tuned for tools and resources to help you start and grow your career in the tech industry.
Lucy Adi, MBA, MSc.
Founder, The Tech Quarter

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3 Myths About Building Websites

3 myths about building websites demystified: 1: ‎The process is too techy and requires coding. *You don't need to know how to code to build a website and the process is actually not too techy, all you need is the right guidance and you will be good to go. 2: It takes...

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How To Keep Your Website Safer

Here are 5 tips you could use to keep your website safer: 1. Your username and password should be complex and difficult to figure out. Avoid using the default "admin" username. 2. Always keep your website themes and plugins updated. 3. Limit the number of login...

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How to Center Align a Video in a Website

When you embed a video in your WordPress website, it automatically aligns to the left by default. You can easily center align it by adding <center> before the embed code. Simple and straight forward! #TechTipTuesday #TechTipbyLvdTech

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