Do you need a website that will also serve as a training platform where you can host and teach online courses on?

Let’s create a membership site for you where your students can sign up and take courses on without hassles!

The Online School | Membership Website contains every page you need to host and teach your online course!


The package will comprise of the following:

– Home page
– About page
– Blog page
– Contact page
– Quicklinks page
– Testimonials integration (3)
– Social media integration
– Mail chimp connection to the website
– Freebie/lead magnet opt-in page (1)
– Freebie thank you page (1)
– Sales page (1)
– Payment link integration
– Login page
– Course page
– Module page
– Lessons page
– Webinar registration page
– Webinar thank you page
– Live Webinar page
– Terms of service page
– Privacy policy page
– Cookies policy page
– ‎Free domain registration for 1 year
– ‎Free website hosting for 1 year
– ‎Free professional email account
– ‎Free 2 weeks technical support







And so much more!!!


The price to:

Get a website with an easy-to-customize builder is $294 per year

Pay separately for professional email accounts starts from $120 per year

Host your freebie opt-in page on a 3rd Party website starts from $444 per year

Host your course sales page on a 3rd party website $576 per year

Host your online course on a 3rd Party website starts from $468 per year

Host your webinar on a 3rd Party website starts from $1308 per year

Let’s sum that up: $3210

In Naira: ₦1,155,600 approx

And you will have to pay that amount every single year!



You can pay less for more.

Your investment for the entire package is only ₦300,000! Instead of 1,155,600

And you don’t have to pay that amount every year!

Terms of Service.

– ‎This is the structure for installment payment: 50% before work commences and 50% in 3 week’s time.

– We do not offer refunds once we’ve started working on your website.

– The free domain names and hosting we offer will be from Whogohost Limited. If the client prefers to use a different hosting company, he/she will have to purchase the domain name and hosting and send the details to us afterwards. Please note that there is no discount attached even if you decide not to take up our free domain/hosting offer.

– If the client decides to take up the offer for the free domain and hosting, note that it is only free for the first year and will be due for renewal annually.

– LVD Tech is not responsible for any problems that may arise from or with the hosting provider.
As earlier stated, the client has an option to use any other hosting company rather than accept the free 1yr hosting and domain we are offering.

– LVD Tech does not create content for clients. i.e. the client is solely responsible for his/her course materials and content. This includes Graphics to be used of the site, Videos, PDFs and website copy/write up.

– ‎Your website content has to be sent to us in a timely manner. All content should be provided within 2 weeks. LVD Tech will not be held responsible for not adding any client that is not sent within this time frame to the website.

– LVD Tech doesn’t offer write up review and proof reading services. We simply copy and paste what you send into your website. Please proof read and correct any necessary errors before sending in your content.

– LVD Tech does not offer website management services. The client is solely responsible for the management of their website.

– The client has 2 weeks access to LVD Tech for free tech support. Afterwards, fees applies and also depends on if we are available to handle the request.

– The client is in charge of setting up his/her payment page on Paystack, Flutterwave, etc. The payment links can be sent afterwards for integration on the website.

– The client is in charge of setting up their email account and automations with Mailchimp or any email provider. We would get the API key and connect the email account to the website.

– The client is in charge of creating posts on the blog, LVD Tech can add a maximum of 3 posts if you have them ready within the time frame of content submission ( which is 2 weeks)

– LVD Tech will set up a Webinar page for the client but we are not in charge of hosting or managing your webinar.


By clicking on the order button below, it means you UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the terms of service.

PRICE: ₦300,000