Are you looking for a planning tool that you can make use of on the go?
Try Google Keep, it is highly effective!

It can be used to take notes, create lists and set reminders.
It can also be used for collaborations.

You can organize your notes with labels, colors and pictures!
If you’re too busy to type, record a voice memo and have it transcribed by the tool.

Another very awesome thing is that it automatically synchronizes your notes across all your devices i.e. your mobile devices or computer. Just log in to your Google account and go to or simply download the app.

This tool has been very useful to us so we thought to share with you all!

See an example of how we used it below:

We hope it helps you in your planning so 2018 can be more productive for you.
Best wishes and Happy new year once again!

Look out for the next TechTip coming up next week, you would love that too!

If you would like to have a video training on how to use Google Keep, pls send us a request via the comment section.

Please share📣 this as you might just end up making someone’s day and maybe year 😊!

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