Why don’t you create a digital vision board instead?

digital vision board

A vision board is a board that displays the images of your heart desires. It is the pictorial representation of your goals and dreams.

The traditional vision board can be quite stressful and expensive to create as it involves using a lot of materials (board, magazines, glue, etc) and could also limit you as you may not find all the pictures you need.

A digital vision board on the other hand is limitless as you can easily get almost any kind of picture you require for your vision board online.

Moreover, having a digital vision board means you can save it on your PC, iPad, Tab or Phone and literally carry it everywhere you go!

Canva is an awesome tool you could use to create your vision board, all you need to do is import the pictures and design your vision board the exact way you want it to be.

Extra Tip: After designing your vision board, you can download it from Canva and print it out if you also want to have a hardcopy to display on your wall.

If you would like to have a video training on how to create a digital vision board with Canva, pls send us a request via the comment section.

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A Highly Effective Planning Tool.

Are you looking for a planning tool that you can make use of on the go?
Try Google Keep, it is highly effective!

It can be used to take notes, create lists and set reminders.
It can also be used for collaborations.

You can organize your notes with labels, colors and pictures!
If you’re too busy to type, record a voice memo and have it transcribed by the tool.

Another very awesome thing is that it automatically synchronizes your notes across all your devices i.e. your mobile devices or computer. Just log in to your Google account and go to keep.google.com or simply download the app.

This tool has been very useful to us so we thought to share with you all!

See an example of how we used it below:

We hope it helps you in your planning so 2018 can be more productive for you.
Best wishes and Happy new year once again!

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If you would like to have a video training on how to use Google Keep, pls send us a request via the comment section.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

There are soooo many reasons why you need a Website, here are a few..

1. A website makes your brand (personal, business or corporate) look more professional and credible.

2. It gives you a wider global reach and helps you attract a larger audience.

3. A website is the best sales representative you could ever have, it gives your brand 24/7 publicity.

4. It saves you time, you do not have to keep on repeating the same information to different clients.

5. Your website is your property, social media isn’t. You have absolutely no control over the changes constantly made to social media whereas you have total control of your website!

All in all, a website attracts more people to your business and brings you more MONEY!!!
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5 Common Mistakes People make when Building Websites

Avoid Making these Mistakes when Building your Website:

1. Not using a Responsive Design: a website should automatically adjust or fit perfectly into the size of the screen or platform it is being viewed in.

2. Not having a Headline: once visitors land on your website, they should be able to know what you represent.

3. Not having a Call to Action (CTA): a website should prompt visitors to take an action.

4. Not Tracking Analytics: this helps you to monitor the user traffic and behavior on your website.

5. Not Capturing Leads: a website should be optimized to generate leads for your business.

In the Website Creation Course, you would be taught how to avoid these mistakes and more.

Sign up for this Online Course and learn how to build a Website the right way.

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